Tuition funds mission. Philanthropy funds vision.
Your gift will unlock Unlimited Possibilities!

There are no limits to how our students – confident, creative, accomplished, and unbounded thinkers—can lead in a changing world. When our community joins together in support, their gifts to the Lakehill Warrior Annual Fund become an investment in the vision and success of every student. Lakehill’s innovative academic programs and exceptional, extracurricular activities are made possible in part by the Lakehill Warrior Annual Fund, which provides 5% of Lakehill’s operating budget and supports all areas of the school.

Academic programs, financial aid, and faculty support are among Lakehill’s highest priorities. Gifts to the Lakehill Warrior Annual Fund touch on these key aspects of the Lakehill experience as well as athletics, culture, and community.

Every gift supports:

  • Advances our mission: for students to become collaborative problem-solvers who live with integrity
  • Academics: Superior teaching and small class sizes to nurture each student’s creativity, curiosity, and development
  • Special Programs: Student activities for every interest that include visual arts, fine arts, robotics, and so much more.

In short, gifts to the Warrior Annual Fund contribute to the entire Lakehill Preparatory experience.

We are truly grateful for your commitment to Lakehill and for the inspiration you provide our faculty and students each day with your support. Last year, more than 98% of your faculty and staff expressed their confidence in Lakehill’s vision through their gifts and dedicated service to enrich the lives of all students.

Your gift to Lakehill Preparatory School will inspire an impact in the lives of our students and unlock unlimited possibilities!